Who we are



Nimble and deeply experienced in athlete development, team building, and executive leadership, Phil Davies Consulting is a Welsh-based sport consulting firm led by former Welsh International rugby union player Phil Davies. We are committed to helping people achieve excellence both in and out of sport with our core services being executive management, individual athlete development and team building. With our proprietary in-house SLS™ (Strategic Leadership System) program we deliver ongoing sport development and management improvements long after the initial period of change and transformation.

We offer the most direct path to the most powerful management solution by implementing sustainable, measurable and innovative goals that navigate complex challenges brought on by profound change. We are dedicated to meeting the expectations and requirements of our clients by getting first-hand team and individual information and using it for improvements in our management and leadership services.



Client Support

Our client support stands out from other sports consulting firms through our innovative programs which incorporate a look at all client touch points. We deliver the actionable analysis and information when and how our clients need it in order to make strategic leadership decisions that will keep and grow teams, as well as attract new ones. As a client service sports consulting firm we are committed to providing our clients with intellectual, resourceful answers to give them the competitive edge necessary to compete in today’s fast-moving industry. We come to you – our clients – with qualified skilled people in a consultative approach and cutting-edge solutions to deliver a unique distinctive package and relevant management services.